Carry Concealed Consultants

Classes Available


Course Title                                                                                           Fee

                     IL Carry Concealed Permit Course                                                $125.00

                     Basic Pistol Training                                                                       $125.00

                     Advanced Pistol Training                                                                $225.00

                     Handcuffing Training                                                                       $199.00

                     PR-24 Baton Training                                                                       $225.00

                     Refuse to be a Victim Training                                                        $150.00

                     Private Handgun Training                                                                $375.00

                     Personal Protection inside the home                                             $140.00

                     Edged Weapons Training                                                                 $325.00

                     Target Focused Training (close quarter combat)                          $325.00

                     Youth Shooting Classes with Gun safety Course Must

                      be at least 6 yrs old                                                                        $100.00

                      Utah Carry Concealed Permit                                                         $151.00

                      Florida Carry Concealed Permit                                                    $157.00