Carry Concealed Consultants

Carry Concealed Class Information

What you must have to take the class:

 1.  You must be 21 years of age

 2.  You must have a valid FOID card

 3.  You must register for the class and fill out the forms for the class

 4.  To get any hours credited you must have one of the following:

        Course Title                                                                                     Accredited Hours

       Illinois Hunter Safety Course                                                                        4

       Utah Concealed Carry Course                                                                      4

       Florida Concealed Carry Course                                                                  4

       Nevada Concealed Carry Course                                                                 4

       Missouri Concealed Carry Course                                                               4

       Kentucky Concealed Carry Course                                                              4

       Michigan Concealed Carry Course                                                               4

       Chicago Firearms Safety Course                                                                  4

       NRA Basic Pistol Course                                                                               8

       NRA Protection inside the home                                                                   8

       NRA Protection outside the home                                                                 8

       Military Veteran (honorably discharged) DD-214 required                          8


5.  Items needed for class:

     A. Handgun

     B. Holster

     C.50 rounds of ammunition

     D. Eye Protection

     E. Ear Protection

     F. Notebook and pen

6.  Classes begin promptly at 8 am both days.  The first day you need to be arriving at 7:45 am to fill out the paperwork.

7.  The class fees are $125.00 per training session per person i.e.: 16 hr. class would be $125.00.  8 hr. class would be $125.00.

8.  Training is done at the Kams Shooting Sports 901 Detroit Ave Morton IL

9.  Handgun rental fee is $10.00, Eye and Ear Protection rental is $1.00.  .