Frequently asked questions:

All your questions answered here. (I hope)

1. Q. What are your fees?

         A. $99.00 16 hr class.   $99.00 8 hr class. $50.00 recertification class


2. Q. What time do classes start?

         A. 8 am regardless of class. your first day please arrive by 7:45 am for paperwork.


3. Q. Where do you teach your class?

          A.  Vital Training Academy 2232 SW Adams St Peoria IL.


4. Q. Where do you shoot?

          A. At a private range (outdoors) so dress appropriately.  Also an Indoor range when outside isn't favorable.


5. Q.  Do you teach other classes?

           A.  Yes look at the class page for a full listing.


6. Q.  I have a FL permit do I get credit?

          A. Yes 4 hours credit BUT Illinois does not have a 12 hour curriculum so you have to take the 16 hours


 7. Q.  You shoot outside do we still shoot if it rains or snows?

           A.  Yes do you only get mugged in the sunshine.  Of course if conditions are so bad that it isn't safe to shoot then other arrangements will be made.  Safety is our primary concern.


 8. Q.  When are the other classes available?

         A.  Other courses will be scheduled once I have received 6 students or more. If you would like to be put on a list for a course just contact me by email or phone and tell me what course you want to be placed on and I will do that.

       Carry Concealed Consultants